Programs and Workshops

June program

The art of shibori by Hugh Murphy


June workshop

Make a mondo bag by Daisy Lefebure and Annette Moore

Supply List for Mondo Bag

- You will need 192 squares 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” for the outside bag (you can use a variety of fabrics
from your stash or you can get 4 pieces of fabric 1/4 yard in coordinating colors)
Please make sure you have all the squares ironed to the fusible interfacing before coming to
- You will also need 2 strips of fabric 2 1/2” by 26” for the straps and 2 for the lining (you can
use same fabric as your squares)
- Bag lining - 1 1/4 yard
- Fusible Interfacing - 1 3/4 yard (you can draw the squares) or you can buy the mondo bag
fusible (I have some with the squares for $5.00)
- Fusible Fleece - 1 1/2 yard (I have some to sell for $10.00 all cut)
You will need to bring to class:
. Your sewing machine
. Pins
. Scissor
. Your walking foot works better with the fleece
. Your mat and rotary cutter






July program - Fabric sale


We still have tons of quality fabric and will be selling it at fabulous prices in Juy. Don't miss this one!

August program

Mini Quilt Contest


Bring in the minis you have made for the BQE sale and auction.

Members will choose their favorites and prizes will be awarded.

Please have a form attached to the back of each mini - see Mini Form in member documents

Mini quit guidelines

Size – minimum 24” perimeter, maximum 96” perimeter

This does not have to be a “true” mini – can be just a block.

Each guild will collect all of their members minis for submission to BQE on quilt collection day – September 6, 2021

Minis will be in the show at a Buy-It-Now price. This price will be set by the guild.

Any unsold minis will be in the auction after the show on Sunday. The reserve selling price at the auction will be set by BQE.

Each mini must have a BQE Miniature Quilt Auction Entry form attached to the back of the quilt. Download the form from Membership Forms.


September program

Bring in your quilt entry for the special Halloween exhibit at Broward Quilt Expo.

The guild will choose which quilts are to be exhibited at the show