Broward Quilt Expo 2019

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Broward Quilt Expo - 2019 - crystal Anniversary

A week of adventure:

   * March 4 - 8th at Art Serve (next to War Memorial Auditorium)

        Monday night - Mini Quilt Auction

        Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - workshops

        Friday night - lecture and awards presentation

  * March 9 - 10th - War Memorial Auditorium:

        Saturday & Sunday - quilt expo

2019 Guildtique Information


For our 2019 show we are putting the BQE-tique into the hands of the individual guilds, and calling it the “Guildtique”.

The spirit of the Guilditque is to allow guilds to raise money by selling handmade items, for the benefit of the guild collectively, or its members individually. Your guild may make and sell any handmade items you wish (some exceptions are listed below).Your guild will keep all of the proceeds.

  • Each guild will have a booth space in the lobby of the War Memorial Auditorium. Exact dimensions will be confirmed, but we expect to have 2 or 3 six foot tables for eachguild.
  • You will be responsible for taking payment from customers, and for the payment of sales tax if your organization is not exempt.We have a pack of information about FL sales taxif you need somepointers.
  • Ifyouaresellingraffleticketsforacharityquilt,youmaydisplayitatyourbooth,butyou mustsupplyyourowndisplaystand.Nothingcanbehungfromthewallsinthelobby.

Represent your guild well! Your items should largely be unique, handmade by your members, fit for purpose, and of good quality.We will also allow sales of some unfinished items (such as quilt tops or UFOs).

The types of handmade things you may wish to sell on behalf of your guild might be

  • Decorative cushions and cushion covers, pillowcases.
  • Aprons,potholders,dishtowels,tablerunners,placemats,napkins.
  • Handbags,shoppingbags,totes,pouches,coinpursesandwallets.
  • Holidayitems.
  • Unfinished projects or quilt tops. (Partially finished kits notallowed.)

We must forbid you from selling certain items which might compete with our vendors, because we rely upon support from our vendors to make the show as wonderful as it is.

Items not allowed for sale via the Guild booths, examples would be:

  • Fabric yardage orbundles.
  • Finished quilts. (Quilt tops and orphan blocks areokay.)
  • Sewing machines andaccessories.
  • Sewingnotions.
  • Kits or patterns.
  • Books or magazines.
  • Furniture,tables,cuttingmats,designwallsetc.

Please note:

We will be checking booths for compliance before opening, to ensure that everyone adheres to the guidelines.

We will be putting together a list of recommendations for how to set up your booth and distributing that to all guilds as soon as possible.

Questions? Ask your guild representative!

AIring of the Quilts at Stranahan House


due to inclement weather this event has been postponed to February 10th


2019 Quilt Sales Information




BQE will be running a quilt sales booth at the 2019 show. We will sell quilts that are enteredintheshow(ifdesiredbythemaker),andalsowillacceptonaconsignment basis, quilts made by members of the six sponsorguilds.


  1. Quilts must be made by a member (or members) of one of the six guilds which sponsor BQE.Member(s) must be in good standing at the time of the 2019 show.
  2. Additionally, any quilt which has been accepted and hung in the show is eligible to be sold (regardless of guildmembership).
  3. Quiltsmustbe3layers andquilted(front,batting,backing,layers securedby stitches).
  4. Quilts must be complete, clean and free of odors andpins.
  5. Quilts must be made by theconsignor.
  6. Quilts must be permanently labelled with maker(s) name(s). (Sign your work!We alsostronglyadviseaddingaquiltname,dateandplace,butthisisuptoyou.)

Fees & Payments

  • Handlingfee:$10perquilt.(Feedoesnotapplytoquiltswhicharehunginthe show.)
  • Consignment fee: 15% of the selling price of the quilt (before salestax).
  • Consignors will be paid by check within 15 days of showclose.


  1. Minimum selling price is$75.
  2. Quiltsmustbebagged.Standardclearplasticbagswillbemadeavailabletoguilds inJanuary.
  3. Quilts must have a sales tag attached with a closed safety pin,located next to the quilt label on the back of the quilt. Tags will be provided to guilds inJanuary.
  4. Quilts requiring special handling will not be accepted. Quilts may be hung or folded on a rack for display, and may be handled (under supervision) bypotential buyers.
  5. Makers are responsible for insuring their items,BQE will not be responsible.

Collection & Return

  • Quilts for consignment will be accepted on Quilt Collection Day (February7th).
  • Unsold quilts will be available for return on Quilt Return Day (March11th).
  • Guildsareencouragedtonominatearepresentativetocollectallquiltsfor return to theirmembers.


Questions? Ask your guild representative!